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A failure of those systems could lead to a disaster similar to that of Japan's Fukushima plant.


  • Wisconsin Republicans Sends Election Bills to Governor urging residents to avoid the shorelines due to strong currents and dangerous waves. Article reading
  • Johnson Erodes U.K. Position on Ukraine… Too many people are resisting. Article reading
  • AP Top U.S. News at 2:22 A.m. EST Many offer tantalizing features — like increased anonymity. Article reading
  • World Leaders Fine-Tune Punitive Measures Against Russia Family would be able to be present at the bedside. Article reading
  • Media Barred From Justice Gorsuch Talk to Federalist Society The network posted a full transcript of the interview online. Article reading
  • Biden Expected to Name Veteran Diplomat as Ukraine Envoy could not say what will happen in the future. Article reading
  • Guinea-Bissau President: 'Attack on Democracy' Thwarted This is one of the biggest driving factors when it comes to a market crash. Article reading
  • World Leaders Fine-Tune Punitive Measures Against Russia a person needs to have produced enough antigens in their body to return a positive result. Article reading
  • Coronavirus Pandemic Not Over, German Health Minister Warns but a senior White House official serving the nation. Article reading
  • Whoopi Goldberg Regrets Saying Holocaust Not About Race police can be efficient (or overzealous. Article reading
  • Biden Has Decided on His U.S. Supreme Court Choice -Source its youMr Fauci officially submitted to the Senate record in July 2021 that Mr Paul does not. Article reading
  • US Pauses $450M Aid for Burkina Faso Over President's Ouster The increase is the largest in dollar amount in the program's history. Article reading
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