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I think it's going to end up getting regulated.


  • U.S. Approves $100 Million Sale for Taiwan Missile Upgrades 19 states have passed laws requiring a medical clinician to be physically present when abortion pill Article reading
  • UK Firm on Chagos Islands Claim After Mauritius Plants Flag There's a widespread recognition that the whole war on drugs needs to stop. Article reading
  • AP Top U.S. News at 7:44 A.m. EST wrote Rhodes in an archived blog post titled Oath Keepers Deploying to DC to Protect Events. Article reading
  • AP Top U.S. News at 7:24 A.m. EST who at certain points in their careers took issue with the reasoning in Roe or its impact on the pol Article reading
  • Spiked Champagne in Bavarian Bar Leaves 1 Dead, 8 Sick I knew it because I was a very not-calm kiddo in the car. Article reading
  • Cryptocurrencies Akin to Ponzi Schemes, Says RBI Deputy This is not the first time Kilmeade has attacked Jankowicz for getting a job while pregnant. Article reading
  • Olympics-Peng Shuai Watches as Gu Puts China Atop Medals Table Here's how civil rights activists are reigniting the fightRep. Article reading
  • Son of Turkmenistan's Leader to Run in an Early Election The legal team hopes Alexanders case and other cases like it will provoke institutional change in al Article reading
  • Olympics Live: White House Supports Team USA Despite Boycott the Supreme Court and January 6Parties seek edge in redistricting fights ahead of midtermsLockheed M Article reading
  • Missouri Lawmaker's Narcotics License Placed on Probation And you don't have staffs large enough and equipped enough to handle a young man with money. Article reading
  • No Handshakes: Philippine Presidency Hopefuls Open Campaigns who underwent multiple surgeries to look like BTS member Jimin. Article reading
  • Police ID'd Saints' Kamara as Felony Suspect Before Pro Bowl The police chief said an investigation is ongoing and more details of the shooting would be released Article reading
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