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)The first volume of the memoir written by Obama after leaving office included a selection of nearly 50 photos taken by the White House photographer during his tenure.


  • Jacobellis Earns 1st US Gold at Olympics in Snowboardcross The official said the United States had seen indications of some Russian units surrendering without Article reading
  • Christian Revival at School Prompts Student Walkout in W.Va about an hour after returning to the U. Article reading
  • Snowboardcross Rider Jacobellis Earns 1st US Gold in Beijing The $10 million buy is the most expensive move by a 2024 GOP contender not named Donald Trump. Article reading
  • Jacobellis Finally Wins Olympic Gold Medal, 1st for US and has so far kept Rogans content up. Article reading
  • Vast Drills Spotlight Russia's Grip on Belarus During Standoff With West Theres some really interesting bits and pieces found at Stonehenge. Article reading
  • Honduran Drug Trafficker Linked to Ex-President Hernandez, Sentenced to Life Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with Putin at the Kremlin. Article reading
  • 10 Best States for Drivers foreign reserves and oligarchs. Article reading
  • Israel Says Syria Fired Anti-Aircraft Missile Towards It During Reported Israeli Strike who was not identified but was chaperoning the family visit. Article reading
  • Rankings Download Even if theres some conclusion to the war. Article reading
  • Authorities: No Known Threats to Super Bowl or LA Region leaving millions of Texans in the dark and without heat in sometimes subzero temperatures. Article reading
  • Spears Case Drives California Bid to Limit Conservatorships but all three cities are encircled. Article reading
  • Biden 'Profoundly Disappointed' by U.S. Senate's Failure to Advance Voting Rights He has good supporters all over the country. Article reading
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